Thursday, January 7, 2010

GIVEAWAY + Everyday Yellow Daal

Who doesn't like a giveaway? Those people aren't real. Everyone loves a giveaway. Remember back when I wanted to have a viewing party for Food Inc. but I was ridiculously busy and just didn't put my party planning skills to use; well now I am making up for it. It is giveaway time. I still have lotsa freebies from Stonyfield Organics and I would love to share. So in celebration of education on eating, good clean food and delicious yogurt that will inspire you to eat well I offer THREE prize packs that have coupons for free yogurt (32 oz. size)and other goodies and info.

Did I mention this is my favorite yogurt?

To enter leave a comment below and I will announce the winners next week.

And I had some with dinner tonight. It perfect on the side of everyday yellow daal. Daal is thick cooked mixture of spices and pulse (remember Daniel 1:12). Pulse is dried beans, lentils and split peas, i.e. food storage staples waiting in your pantry, cupboard basement or maybe under your bed if you live in tight quarters. (Now I have to miss San Francisco all over again.) Unfortunately many daals miss the mark- they are slow cooked until the texture of the legumes has all melted away, but never get the seasoning kick they really need to make them delicious cold weather comfort dinner. This is not those recipes.

This one is the perfect cold weather comfort dinner. It may seem like a bit more work than other recipes, but you are kidding yourself. The extra 5 minutes involved is beyond worth it. You will thank yourself with every bite.

Everyday Yellow Daal
Adapted from Mark Bittman
How to Cook Everything

2 cups yellow split peas
3 cups water
2 cups vegetable stock
1 t. sea salt
1/2 t. freshly ground black pepper
1/2 t. cumin
1/2 t. coriander
1/4 t. cardamom
1/4 t. cayenne
1 pinch of cloves
1 pinch of cinnamon

1 T. minced garlic
1 T. minced ginger
2 T. oil

Rinse the peas in a change or to of water and get out any grit.

Combine the peas, liquid and seasonings in a medium saucepan and bring to a boil over medium-high heat. Turn the heat to medium-low, cover partially and cook gently stirring occasionally until the peas are soft and beginning to turn to mush- at least 30 minutes. Add additional liquid if you need to or if things are looking a bit soupy take the lid off and simmer until reduced.

Meanwhile, heat oil in a small skillet. Cook garlic and ginger until fragrant and browning- about 1 minute. Add to the daal before serving.

Garnish with cilantro if desired and serve with a dollop of plain yogurt, rice and/or whole wheat flatbread (I made some with fennel seeds- it was fantastic.)

Note: If you just don't have that many spices in your cupboard you can sub out the whole lot for 1 T. curry powder. The results will be good, but not nearly as the recipe above. This recipe can also be made in a slow cooker with the heat set to low for 6-8 hours.


  1. I just came across your site and I am so interested in your outlook of chapter 89, if only I had time to just read archieve by archieve of posts..but I will find time as you can see its 12:26pm and I am busy reading. I would love the giveaway to start my journey of being better in the word of wisdom.

  2. Interesting recipe--the only way I know how to cook split peas is to make Nova Scotia Split Pea Soup. We'll try this and report back.

  3. I only buy stonyfield at our regular grocery store but it is still full of sugar (the fruit kind). I try to buy the plain and use honey to sweeten, or a dab of homemade reduced sugar jam. Trader Joes has an awesome greek yogurt and a fabulous honey greek yogurt. The honey IS NOT low-fat but is out of this world!

    I think Matt needs to share a recipe with us :) I am always looking for ways to improve my split pea soup.

    Fisher Family - welcome! I hope you find some good insight and things to think about here. Let us know if you have any questions.

    Thanks Sandra! Great as always.

  4. ditto to the sugar in fruit yogurt- I am a plain whole milk yogurt gal. I also do love the greek stuff...

    nothing like some honey or a smidge of brown sugar and fresh fruit with yogurt or just plain with granola or muesli in the morning.

  5. Sweet- I'm here for the coupons for Stoneyfield to try it out. I've never had it before. I love the suggestion from Likely to get the plain and spice it up with honey and the suggestion for the greek yogurt at Trader Joe's. I love the dahl idea- I'm going to try it. My husband and I used to make a lot of indian food, which include dahl, but all of it would take quite a bit of time to make. I need to get back into that though. I was looking at the rest of the site and I haven't been on in a while and I need to look at it some more and use some of your guys' recipes. Thank you!

  6. i've always loved stoneyfield - can't say no to entering a giveaway! thanks for the recipe too - i'm always looking for yummy winter comfort foods that are also healthy! thanks!

  7. That recipe sounds delicious!!! And Stoneyfield yogurt is a favorite of ours, as well. Yummmmmmmm

  8. Hey Sandra! Just got your Christmas letter. (I don't peek at Yahoo very often--I use g-mail now...same first part.)

    ANYWAY, When I moved to Japan, little did I know I was moving in to a hot bed of healthy eaters! My good friend Janeen is the ring leader. Thought you might be interested in her blog (which includes lots o' healthy recipes!


    Happy Holidays!

  9. Thanks for the link, Em. And good to hear from you.

  10. I just want to thank you for this blog. I have a goal to eat healthier, especially after watching FoodInc. You are helping me with all your great info and recipes!

  11. Entering for yogurt! I tried the Greek kind too, as I've been trying to find yogurt to feed the 10 month old baby that does NOT have salts & sugars in em... even the organic YOBABY, though organic and expensive, still has tons of sugar. He likes plain yogurt, and sometimes I'll mix some applesauce, pears, etc. into it to flavor it a bit... oh, and add wheat germ too. How cool would that be to have a toddler who asks for wheat germ?? HAHA

  12. Jess, we call wheat germ "sprinkles" at our house and they are asked for on yogurt and oatmeal and in smoothies. Call them sprinkles!!


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