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About the blog:

This blog began as a join effort of several friends in a ward in Maryland. This site was a place to dicuss the practical application of the Word of Wisdom, the LDS code of health, as given in the 89th chaper of the Doctrine and Covenants, a book of LDS scripture given in modern times. Although this site originated as a joint effort of several friends, that I was not a part of, somehow I have come into ownership here. I was added as an author and contributer in September 2009 and in the year that followed, I just about the only one left. So here we are.

The blog largely marks where I am and what I am doing; how I am applying and making sense of the Word of Wisdom. I post links to articles that I find meaningful and important to the way I feel about food. Sometimes I wax thoughtful and dip into the spiritual side as well. But, most often you will see what I am cooking. I pull recipes from my own collection of cookbooks, from the thick stack of books I check out from the library regularly, some of the cooking blogs I follow and my own imagination.

Sandra, arms laden with the week's produce, leaving the farmer's market on 32nd street in Baltimore.
About me:

I'm Sandra Clark Jergensen, married to Justin, mother to Carter and Lucy. I cook food, create things and attempt to garden. I adore the farmer's market, natural lighting, music, spices, glue and paper. I devour excellent bread, seasonal fruits and vegetables in addition to good books. I'm from Missouri and Texas, studied English at BYU and have since lived in San Francisco and Baltimore proper. I recently moved to Arlington, TX without plans to move anytime soon. 

Want to know more about my history and why I write this blog?

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and every now and then if you're lucky you'll here from

Tiffany Winn Rueckert (Likely), who is from Southern California and super busy right now with her brand new baby boy (her third) and a recent move to a new (as in 1977) house. She started things around here and has posted a fine collection of articles, quotes and links to good things. I anticipate her return when life cools down and things settle in.