Thursday, December 9, 2010

Black Bean Dip

Here is an easy dinner, snack or take to the next party sort of thing. I made this for an easy meal on a busy night and the crowd loved it. It was even cheered when it made a lunch box appearance the next day. It is a winner. Think of it as a fresh interpretation of seven layered dip, but better.

Black Bean Layer Dip

Make black beans. I made my recipe for black beans and the my winter corn salsa made from super sweet frozen corn, because I don't believe in fresh winter tomatoes. 
I cooked my beans all day in the crock pot since that is the easiest and best way to make beans, so long as you plan ahead. I cooked them until they turned to mush (just like refried ones) or you can puree or mash. Then I piled on the corn Then I topped things with queso cojita. Alternately you could go with another cheese if you wish. The important thing is warm beans. This makes the whole thing a great, filling dish for a cold night,  however, when warmer temperatures resume, you could always serve it chilled as well. I served this with organic flax seed tortilla chips. It would also be great along side a stack warm tortillas to make easy burritos.

I know, its hardly a recipe, but we didn't even mind.

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  1. ha ha.... I had to laugh at my dip I made for Lauren's going away party. I brought a container of sour cream and told david to spread a small layer on it before I added the green onions, cilantro, tomatoes, etc.... When I came in the kitchen he had put THE WHOLE CONTAINER on the dip. I didn't know what to say. There was kind of no turning back. So, I threw on the healthy stuff and away they drowned in the cream.... so funny.

    he is a nice and helpful husband :)
    this looks delicious. I LOVE anything that involves these types of ingredients...


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