Monday, October 12, 2009

20 bucks

Just thought I would post what I got for $20 at our local farm stand.  They only take cash, so I always take a $20 and use it all up.  This week I got

6 ears of sweet corn
4 zucchini
a basket of radishes
a bunch of green onions
red onion
yellow onion
6 empire apples
a cantelope
a gallon of fresh apple cider and
2 GINORMOUS European carrots:

And the cider was $4.25, so I got a great deal on the rest.  That huge carrot above was a quarter!  A QUARTER!

I can't always make it down to the farmer's markets, so I love my little 20 minute drive down the street to Lohr's Farm Market.

Two things I love about Maryland rolled into one -- pretty drives and farm stands.


  1. Looks delish! That carrot is HUGE!

  2. Fantastic. The farm stand sounds wonderful- we don't have those so close to where we are- just lots of farmer's markets- but somehow neither is a compromise.


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