Saturday, March 6, 2010


I did a dangerous thing. I don't mean to set myself up as an example and last week I did. I don't want to say that we only eat meat twice a week and that my friends is how you live the word of wisdom.

No. That's not true and my family is no shining example of how it's done. So instead of attempting to offer any wisdom and good ideas today I want to tell you about just how imperfect we are. How learning to live the word of wisdom really is learning and not just doing.

My son still swears his favorite foods are hot dogs and macaroni and cheese. I cringe. I don't purchase the boxed variety and hot dogs are usually only a campfire specialty, but he talks to other kids, he knows what's cool and swears that is it.

My husband and I can't always agree on the right amount of meat because I am a little more passionate about each and every forkful than he is. I season every meal with emotion about wanting to do better, eat better, shop better and grow better. Sometimes he just wants to eat a burger and ignore all of the other stuff. We aren't the same.

Aside from that, he really tries, not because he cares in the same way I do. He cares about me and so he eats everything I cook, for the most part. But sometimes he buys beef jerky and jokingly calls them "supplements" because he thought dinner looked like a lot of side dishes.

I still crave meat. One of the best meals I've ever eaten was an oversized steak dinner I won for selling the most margaritas one night while I was waitressing during a college summer. We all have our sins. And even if it was selling sin to get it, that steak tasted fantastic.

When I look back it wasn't just the steak that made my night, it was the sense of achievement. I wanted to win so badly that I really busted my bum that night and made it happen. So sometimes when I choose a not-so-meaty option I think about what I really want and how I can do better, eat better, be better and how I am making those choices and it makes everything taste better.

No, my little family is no model of perfection. Our shift in eating has taken time. I need that time because sometimes twoish times a week is better than I can do (at least right now). And I have a burger with my husband.

I'll get to recipes tomorrow.


  1. That steak tasted amazing because it was from Saltgrass. Everything else is irrelevant.

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