Friday, May 7, 2010

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

Did you watch Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution? I missed watching it on TV(I never know what is on since I rarely turn the thing on). But I heard some good things from some of you and watched it online this week. Wow. It made me cringe at what so many things people are doing to their divinely given bodies, and cheer when they are willing to make a change for the better, and thank people like Jamie Oliver who are championing the cause. 

I don't begin to know how to take on all the problems facing the public schools and their highly processed, nutritionally deficient, sugar saturated food. It is heart and gut wrenching to watch kids eat super sweetened cereal covered with "flavored," i.e. corn syrup and dye infused milk (which has more sugar than a soda of equal size, yikes) and call it a breakfast. I've seen it at our local school and I watched it on the show. Argh. Someone has to teach kids how to eat because so, so many of them are not getting it at home. I know I have talked about this one before, but it really gets to me. So hooray for the show and hooray for Jamie Oliver. Hooray for proper food, hizzah for vegetables.

Check out the show if you haven't yet and tell me what you thought. Oh, and if you feel like I do take the next step and sign the petition here.

Don't worry, you'll get this week's recipe soon.

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  1. I loved this show, too! I thought it was very inspiring and I learned a few things, too! Yuck to all of the processed food!


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