Saturday, September 18, 2010

One Year + Q&A

At home in my kitchen, making potato doughnuts, per my my husband and son's request.
I was so busy I forgot an important day. September 4th marked one year that I have been blogging here. Wow. That went fast. At first I was afraid of what you might think reading about me in my first post. I got over my worries of putting myself out there and sharing my ideas and feelings as you all have been so accepting and appreciative of my untrained blogging efforts. 

I told you about the wrenching my heart took while volunteering at my son's school.
I came clean about my secret love of foraging.
And you may have realized my mild obsession with pasta: 
I think I may be averaging a noddley recipe every fifth post. Sorry.

What I really mean to say, more than anything is, thank you. Thank you for reading, thank you for commenting and thank you for making me feel not so alone. I often feel like I am a bit like the Lorax from my favorite Seuess book, I have a whole lot to say and not a lot of people that care about what I find so important; but when I read what you have to say or you tell me that the word of wisdom is more than just another lesson in Sunday school to you, I appreciate that. 

When I eat whole foods from the earth, plant a garden and truly follow the guidelines as given by the creator of it all I feel different. I am better. Eating food that still resembles the way God made it causes me to marvel at its grandeur of its detail, enjoy it more fully and experience more gratitude for it all. It brings me closer to God and strengthens my testimony of Him. He created us, He knows us, and He knows what we need. Those are things that I know.

Now for other things. I realized that not all of you know who I really am, so you got a picture.Nothing special, but here I am. I also thought I would open things up. I will answer your questions because I appreciate you reading all of this. So fire away- I'll answer anything relevant and reasonable.

Oh, and FYI- I'm planning another little giveaway as a thank you for this fantastic year- so watch for it in the next week.

So, what's your question?


  1. Those doughnuts look yummy. How did they turn out? Were they bake instead of fried?

    Also, I would like to know who is your pickest eater? Do you ever end up making more than one meal, different for another?

  2. Congratulations on one year of blogging. It's a blog birthday! I've been eating "word of wisdom style" for 7 months now. I've lost 50 lbs, lowered my cholesterol, and now I know exactly what you mean when you say:

    "Eating food that still resembles the way God made it causes me to marvel at its grandeur of its detail, enjoy it more fully and experience more gratitude for it all."

    Seven months ago that phrase wouldn't mean much to me. But reading it today I was picturing the how amazing a perfectly ripe tomato looks when you slice it in half.

  3. We too are a "word of wisdom" family. I love finding blogs of similar families- it is encouraging and I love learning from others. It is fun to watch my kids develop so well and my younger two don't even like the taste of meat or processed food.
    Thanks for your posts and links. Tell us about your doughnuts, they look great.

  4. Jenni- The doughnuts are pan fried and terrific- though homemade jelly doughnuts are still my favorite, but enough work that I don't make them often. Usually I only make homemade doughnuts when I get together with my sister, Christie, who feels them same way about them that I do.

    And my pickiest eater varies from meal to meal. Lucy, almost 2, is fickle, like a toddler and eats most things but sometimes just won't. Example: she won't eat salad because it is harder to chew up. She hated avocados up until last week. We tried them enough times that she now loves them, amazing.
    Knowing how she likes to eat food helps me introduce new things to her. I know she loves soup and smoothies and any meal I let her eat on my lap when we are home alone together. So I pack soups and smoothies full of good things for her since it is a guaranteed hit.
    And Carter, almost 6, struggles to eat oatmeal- but I still make him do it at least once a week- but I let him choose the toppings (plain yogurt, honey, fruit and occasionally chocolate sprinkles) to help him enjoy it.
    So to answer your question: No, I don't make separate meals- unless it is something with nuts that Lucy is allergic to.

    Robin- WOW. Congrats on all you have done. I am so impressed. Tomatoes are lovely, aren't they.

    Courtney- I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one that feels the way I do and am trying to teach my children likewise. I will have to send you the doughnut recipe. Though I am more in love with this one: You can even read my review there.

  5. You do an amazing job of living what you believe. I love to read your blog and try your recipes.


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