Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Nourish on PBS

Have you seen this new program on PBS yet? Fantastic stuff all about food. PBS says:

Nourish is a multi-year media and education initiative. The purpose of Nourish is to open a broad public conversation about our food system that encourages citizen engagement, particularly among young people and families. To inform and inspire, Nourish combines television programming, short films, web content, and learning tools. With a distinctly positive vision, Nourish celebrates both food and community.

Be sure to click over to the website to see when programs are on in your area. Don't despair if you aren't a tv watching household, there are lots of great videos and resources online you really should check out. This is a fantastic thing and great way to learn more and start realizing where your food comes from matters just are much as what you eat, because "whole grain" boasting on the side of a cereal box doesn't guarantee that is what you are getting inside of the packaging. What a great place to learn more. Be sure to check it out.

To get you started I love this video: 

Michael Pollan: Twinkie vs. Carrot from Nourish on Vimeo.

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