Saturday, November 6, 2010

Another Reason

photo by Katie Orlinsky for the New York Times
Want another reason to look to the Word of Wisdom instead of the government for health and dietary advice. Look no further than this article from the New York Times, "Why the Government is Promoting Cheese." Journalist Michael Moss reveals that the constant contradictions of different government agencies. Dairy Management, a government funded and created non-profit teamed with Domino's to bring you a cheese pizza, aptly named the Wisconsin, with 40% more cheese than their typical cheese pizza and then here's the kicker, they paid for a 12 million dollar marketing campaign to tell us how good is it is for us. Say what?

Yes, you and I paid for that at the same time we are paying the other organizations to tell us to reduce our consumption. Yeah, I'm at a loss too. The article digs further and I was floored at how all of this is even possible. Shouldn't it be simpler? Shouldn't the advise be less contradictory? I guess it all comes down to the source. If you are seeking answers from the wrong person you are going to get the wrong answer. If I want to know about stage combat techniques I wouldn't ask my brother-in-law that studied business and sells wholesale washing machines, I would ask my sister the actress (and now for a shameless plug of her title role in BYU's Romeo and Juliet opening next week, which you should definitely go see).

I am reminded that if I want real answers and/or guidance on things that matter I need to go to someone who knows. God knows. He made our bodies, he made everything needful to nourish them and so could there be a better expert? I guess not.

My kindergartener came from school this week announcing that he knew all about the parts of the body now. He proceeded to tell me about how our food goes in our mouth and then down our "esocketus" to our stomachs, to intestines and so forth. I corrected his pronunciation of the "esocketus" thinking he would appreciate my greater knowledge. Not so. He informed me it was indeed the "esocketus" and that he totally knew since he had learned all about it at school- that day in fact. Surely, he was the expert. It took my husband's anatomy textbooks several days later to prove him otherwise.

Expert advice is still advice. Expert wisdom, far superior, comes from truths, scientific and spiritual. I love how they two can be so nicely tied up together. We also have a text to prove us otherwise when we need real truths and expertise. Isn't the Word of Wisdom great? It has the answers that we don't have to question or doubt. Something you just can't get elsewhere.


  1. P.S. know that I still love cheese. I just know a thing or so about moderation. See my personal pizza love here:

  2. Great post.... I sometimes think I am becoming too much of a conspiracy theorist and then I come across an article like that.
    On a side note, my twin brother came home from Kindergarten and told my Mom all about how we were pronouncing our last name wrong, that his teacher said it was "X" so that's what it was, it took her a lot of convincing... "experts" don't know everything.

  3. I love how they take something good (dairy) and turn it to promote a greasy, processed meal (fast food pizza). Twisted.

    And thanks for the shameless plug.

  4. I saw that article yesterday and read Reid the part about 40% more cheese. I was amazed- but not surprised.

    Also.. carter is awesome.

  5. I do not approve of you squashing the tender bloom of Carter's childhood. I'm calling him tomorrow to let him know that Santa isn't real, Snape kills Dumbledore, and there isn't any chocolate in Reese's Pieces.

    And yes, that is the proper apostrophe placement.


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