Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Call for Guest Posters

I want to include you. Yup, you there reading this right now. I would like to start featuring more of you.

In the past I've interviewed a few friends and family and included a recipe from them. That is an option or do you have an experience or some ideas relating to the word of wisdom that you would like to write up and share? That would be fantastic and I would really enjoy it. I think we all would. Since you already hear a lot from me, it would be so nice to hear from some of you.

 Please email me at if you would like be included, and in what way.


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  1. This is a great blog, and idea to center around this section of the D&C. And thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your comments with me.

    The word of wisdom is of great interest to me and I often reflect on the blessings. Your recipes look great. I will try some.

    I did eat chocolate covered almonds this morning with a yogurt drink. But I think that falls in the keeping of the w of w :) I addressed the topic in my blog sometime ago. Maybe I can contribute, I will drop you an email.


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