Friday, March 11, 2011

About Soda and Diet Soda

My brother-in-law and his wife just announced that they have been soda free for over six weeks now. I think my brother-in-law may like Dr. Pepper more than he likes me. He was a fan is to put it lightly. I'm so impressed with him and his wife for giving it up. Giving up soda is as tough any other addictive substance. Sugar consumption begets more sugar consumption. It just does. So, what about diet? It seems like it should be a safe alternative because it is not made from sugar. Not quite so. Diet soda is addictive as well, and maybe even more so. 

Just because you aren't consuming calories according to the nutrition label, doesn't mean you aren't having something. You are and it is nothing good. Soda leaves you without anything substantive to burn as fuel and you will be craving something more and usually something else that won't provide the nutrients and vitamins you need.

I know soda is a can of worms and it even gets trickier in LDS culture when you get into the whole caffeine discussion. Here's my two cents: soda, not just caffeine is addictive and something we should limit consumption of; but that doesn't mean you have to get rid of it entirely. See it as a special occasion thing. Growing up, we pretty much only had soda for "b" occasions: birthdays and barbecues.  I think that was about right.  

I don't think that drinking caffeinated sodas paves your path to hell; I think too much soda, no matter what kind, it just makes it harder to eat well and take care of my body.

Some links for more info and such: Can You Get Hooked on Diet Soda? (The article that had me saying, "duh")
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What about you? 
What are your thoughts on soda and diet soda?


  1. I agree that you can get addicted to soda (your brain and body can get addicted to nearly anything), but I disagree that "giving up soda is as tough any other addictive substance." Not all addictions are created equal.

  2. point taken. I should have said "can be"- different things affect people differently. I just know this one is not easy.

  3. I never was a big diet soda fan, but I did love me some Crystal Light! I completely gave that up a few years ago, and now I just cringe that I had probably a quart a day when I was pregnant with Katherine. I feel better having the real soda occasionally and not feeding my body fake food.

  4. I whole heartedly agree. We have been a huge fan of water for a very long time. There are always other factors to the debate. Soda is a easily forgotten factor in our health.
    - Thanks for the reminder. Occasionally is key. - Alisa :O)
    Ps.Thanks for sharing - Bravo!


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