Saturday, May 14, 2011

Today at My Farmer's Market

I've missed my farmer's market for too many weeks. With all of the traveling I've done lately, I've missed my Saturday morning routine and the high quality food. So, even though Justin is out of town, and the weather beckoned for me to stay curled in bed while the kids played quietly in their room, I got up. I took my toddler and kindergartener out in the dizzily rain to an outdoor farmers' market. Even though they kids worked hard to make sure it was not the easiest market visit I've had in recent months, I was glad we went.

The Gardener's Gourmet farm featured the season's first French sorrel, which, to me is the flavor of spring. And their mesclun mix includes edible flowers, which my kids think is the bee's knees. The asparagus from Mr. Fountain's farm is lovely, and only $2 a pound for pesticide free and perfect. I had to have four pounds, asparagus goes down easy at my table.  I am loving it roasted with a bit of a lime vinaigrette lately. And then there were local strawberries, and rhubarb, and locally grown mushrooms, the end of storage apples and the ever-elusive ramps. And the market for pastured eggs with yolks the color of sunshine, is so thick here that can buy a dozen for $2. Amazing. Organic eggs aren't even half that price at the grocery store. I was happy to be home at my market.

If you are thinking that the farmer's market is the place to spend more, you may be wrong. A new study compares prices at farmers' markets and supermarkets. The results may be surprising to those who write off farmers' markets as spendy. Turns out that they are quite comparable and an even better for those who favor organic, pesticide-free produce. So, if price is important to you, maybe the farmers' market is better than you thought. Try it out if you haven't.

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