Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Partaking of the Divine

Stopping to see the view at the Utah-Colorado border.

So I am still traveling and away from my kitchen. We drove up the blue highways (the small blue lines on the map) from Texas to Oklahoma, Colorado and finally Utah to spend a week in Park City, Utah with my husband's family. The roads were small and slowed as they went through small towns that major freeways pass by. I loved the getting a real feel for the area, seeing each town as we drove through, and the ease of completely unpatrolled road with generous speed limits.

Since I'm not writing much during the week I thought I would share other things I have been writing with you. I recently published an essay about my experience with the Word of Wisdom entitled "Partaking of the Divine" in the Summer edition of Exponent II. You can read the pdf version online or purchase it here. My essay starts on page 38.

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  1. I loved reading your article. Thank you for sharing so candidly your experience with food over the years. And thank you for sharing Exponent! I have never heard of this magazine and I enjoyed reading several articles.


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