Friday, October 28, 2011

Two Angry Moms

Likely, who still posts on here occasionally, asked me the other day if I had seen Two Angry Moms. I hadn't. She said it was recommended by Jamie Oliver, in connection to his Food Revolution Angry Moms.
We started comparing menus at our kids' schools. They weren't good. So long as I am able, I won't be having my son eat there. I haven't yet. But I also know that not everyone can do that. I feel frustrated for the parents that rely on reduced and free lunch programs to help feed their kids, only to have their kids eating rejectamenta (I thank Ratatouille for that word) alongside high fructose corn syrup pumped milk. 
I've seen it first-hand and I want change.

Wonder if you or any other parent who cares can make a 
difference about what is served in your local schools? 
These two women are. 
And they are trying to make it easier for the rest of us to do the same.
Check out one of their suggested links that has downloadable ideas and sample letters to get you started if you feel a bit angry too. And be sure to check out the short documentary. It is a good one.


  1. We live in Fort Collins, CO. My oldest child is in Kindergarten this year. I have been shocked at the changes that have been made in school lunches since I was in school 20+ years ago. It's not perfect - but I think they do a great job of offering good menu choices - i.e. whole wheat buns, salads, fresh local produce, etc. I'm grateful if this is the result of our local angry moms!

  2. Very Interesting post. yea, school lunches are horrible. I homeschool now, so I avoid it all. But two of my kids did the public lunch thing.

  3. Watched the video - I give those women a lot of credit! Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution is a cause that I support 100%.

  4. Jamie- I'm glad you are seeing good things where you are. I hope that goodness bleeds over to other areas that need it too.

    Tracy- ditto to Jamie Oliver. The man is a hero to me.

  5. Thank you for the post! I am so glad these moms are doing battle for everyone! I will be re posting on my fitness blog for sure in hopes that it will pick up some more momentum

  6. Was browsing Blogger and stumbled upon your blog. You have amazing recipes here. So, I thought of following for more. :-)

    A Ladybug's Life



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