Saturday, January 17, 2009

8.Hyrum Smith was quoted in the reading, Forgotten Verses, "God...knows what course to pursue to restore mankind to...pristine excellency and primitive vigour, and health; and He has appointed the Word of Wisdom as one of the engines to bring about this thing, to remove the beastly appetites, the murderous disposition and the vitiated taste of man, to restore his body and vigour, promote peace between him and the brute creation, and as one of the little wheels in God's design, to help to regulate the great machinery, which shall eventually," and I call your attention to the word 'eventually,' "revolutionize the earth, and bring about the restoration of all things." (Times and Seasons 3:799-801)

He went on to say, "let them be sparing of the life of animals" it sounds like for Hyrum it went beyond just a matter of just human physical health, doesn't it? "let them be sparing of the life of animals, it is pleasing saith the Lord that flesh be used only in times of winter, or of famine."

So it seems that this may not just be a physical health admonition, but also an admonition of a reverence and respect for the animals God has created. Do you think that we as a society are so far removed from the source of our food that we don't remember that an animal has died to provide our food? Do you think that if we were to actually kill the animal ourselves we would eat considerably less meat?


  1. When I was 14 our stake went on a pioneer trek. As a part of the experience, one of the nights we had to prepare our own meal from scratch... And wouldn't you know it, I was the one designated to prepare the meat. We were instructed to go catch a chicken from the camp center.. Our chicken was absolutely beautiful and knowing that it would sacrifice its life for me somehow made it even more beautiful. I literally wrang its neck, felt it die in my own hands, and then plucked and gutted that beautiful animal while others in my family ground wheat and chopped vegetables so that we could have a meal after a very long day of walking and pulling handcarts through the plains of Wyoming. It was such a spiritual experience for me as a young girl to see what actually went into making that chicken pot pie, as opposed to buying a frozen one at the grocery store and heating it up in the microwave. When you think about how animals give their lives (or we take their lives, however you want to think about it) in order for us to have life, the eating of meat becomes a very special and sacred experience in which we should rejoice and thank God for the beautiful and meek creatures He has created for our benefit and use.

  2. I teared up reading that Krystyna. Thank you so much for your input. I agree that we are so far removed from the source of our food that we forget about the sacrifice of animals for our behalf. In many cultures they pray and give thanks to the animal that gave it's life. Could you imagine at the ward christmas dinner opening prayer saying, "and thank you for the pigs that gave their lives on our behalf so we could have this lovely ham dinner." weird, but it's true. We need to be more aware and respectful.

  3. If we could walk into a factory farm, we would NEVER eat meat again. It is cruel and inhumane, unethical, unhealthy, devastating, and grotesque. We are all far too removed from this process.

    However, if an animal has been raised humanely and fulfilled the measure of it's creation, then the gratitude and rejoicing would apply.


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