Saturday, January 31, 2009


I just read a great page on Avocados. Facts, nutritional value, eating tips, dispelling myths.

The sister missionaries were over for dinner the other night and we were talking about fruits and vegetables and one of the sisters said that her family had an avocado tree in her yard when she was growing up. I asked her if she wanted to take a couple avocados home with her. She said yes, she would love them. The other sister said, "Well, you'll have to tell me how to eat them". She had NEVER had an avocado. The other sister was from Tonga and she told her you could put them on anything - sandwiches, salads, make a dip. The other sister was from Utah. NOT TO SAY that all Utahns don't know what an avocado is, but it was funny.

It reminded me of a story that someone told me once. I can't quite remember who it was, but this friend was saying that she was in New York and she was getting a sub sandwich somewhere and she asked for avocado on it. The guy glared at her and said, "Avocado??? Where do you think you are, California????"


I love avocados and we have been eating them a lot since we have been eating less animal protein. I am not afraid to buy them in the store. I have found them on sale a lot lately -- sale here is like 1.50. Back home in CA it was typical to see them for 99 cents. I will pay up to $2.00 for a good avocado. I tell myself that I am buying good protein and good vitamins for my family. I am saving money by not buying meat and limiting dairy so I can afford avocados and delicious produce.

Here is the page I was mentioning: AVOCADOS


  1. I saw avocados at Wal-Mart for well under a dollar. I want to say it was about 69 cents. I love avocados too.

  2. I just bought avos last week for 50 cents. We love them. I have a FANTASTIC avocado salsa recipe if you want it.


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