Sunday, January 25, 2009

2009 Word of Wisdom Enrichment Group Calendar

February Eating Meat Sparingly. How to eat less meat and use other sources of protein.

Grains. subtopics: learning the nutritional value of different grains, How to use your wheat, Grinding and using other grains, Incorporating more whole grains into your diet.

April Plants and fruit of the vine. Planning, planting and caring for a garden. Guest speaker and master gardener Mr. Lucas will be teaching us his techniques and will be available to answer your gardening dilemmas. We will be designing and discussing our own plans for gardens.

May Wholesome Herbs. Planting an herb garden - specifics on what to plant in the area, what to start from seed, what to plant from a start. Using fresh herbs in cooking and for medicinal value. Subtopic: Shopping "locally" for produce and other food items.

June All fruit is good for Man. Incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your diet. Subtopic will be -- Okay, if I am eating meat sparingly -- WHAT DO I PUT ON MY BBQ????

July 101 uses for zucchini. We will be discussing how to use up the beautiful produce that is in season!

August Harvesting and preserving our abundance. Canning and storing (freezing) tips, recipes and advice from the pros!

September Brown bagging it. Healthy options for kid's lunches (and adults!) and after school snacks (and adult snacks!)

October Multi-cultural Night Part One. Asian cuisine. Including but not limited to Japan, Korea, India, China, Thailand.

November Muti-cultural Night part two. European Cuisine. Including but not limited to Italy and the Mediterranean.

December Promises of the Word of Wisdom. A night of testimony and discussion of our experiences and blessings throughout the year as we committed to follow the Word of Wisdom more carefully.


  1. Oooooo. Can't wait. You've got lots of good stuff here!

  2. I saw your comment and link on the blog Eat Food, Not Much, Mostly Plants ( It looks like you have a great thing going here and I hope that we can all collaborate on what we learn from principles of healthy and moderate eating.

  3. I am one of the contributors to the less meat blog. Where is your enrichment group located? Email me -

  4. What great topics! It generates excitement to have to all laid out for the whole year. Great job!


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