Monday, March 23, 2009


Since we discussed peanut butter last week, I thought this week would be a good time to discuss butter. Or, more accurately, butter vs. margarine. There's a lot of controversy out there over which one is better. I've searched online and read several articles on the subject, and the field is divided.

While reading "In Defense of Food" I immediately decided butter wins for me because it's a real food, not an "edible food-like substance". But is there a redeeming quality about margarine I have overlooked? Is there a situation in which margarine is better?

And a related question - If a recipe calls for margarine, does butter substitute?

What do YOU think about butter vs. margarine?


  1. I believe butter is better for that very reason--it's a real food. But when I'm trying to shed a few pounds (why is that an eternal struggle? oh yeah, because I eat too much), I use margarine simply because of the calorie difference.

  2. Butter is best in all ways, at least in my world. I grew up on marg and had to adjust to the taste of butter, but that was ages ago.
    Perhaps the benefit of marg is it's cheaper?

  3. We are a butter family. It wasn't always this way, but my in-laws only use butter and it tastes so much better and although it is in no way good for us, it is more natural than the man made margarine and once again, those hydrogenated oils....

  4. Anna, I grew up on margarine too. It was hard on my cheap self to switch to butter. It is more expensive.

    Likely, Right! Butter and margarine both aren't "good" for us like in the way an apple is good for us, but my feeling is, if you're going to use one or the other, go for what's natural.

  5. Butter all the way! I stock up when it's on sale and put it in the freezer. And yes, you can substitute it for margarine in recipes and it will taste so much better!


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