Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Yes, I am alive and yes, I am still trying hard to follow the Word of Wisdom! I feel the need to apologize for my unannounced absence here on the blog although it was announced locally to those in the group.

We took a summer break.

I was out of town most of June and July --weddings, vacations, etc. My good friend Nichole who helps with this group and blog had been very busy with selling her home and moving to a new one and has also been vacationing. My husband has been out of town a lot. You know, busy summer. But things are going to get kickin' around here soon. I just thought I would extend an apology first. This blog actually means a lot to me and I would love to devote more time to it because I am really passionate about feeding my family well and trying to follow the Word of Wisdom the best that we can .

I would love to also extend an invitation for others to become authors on Section 89. I found that when I was researching more, adding links, writing posts, looking at recipes, it was easier. I would love to have a few more people to add other insights and thoughts (and recipes).

I would love to find five people that were interested in each taking a day of the week. You can decide on a theme for your day (like Rebecca did for a while and I loved it). I will take one day. So that leaves four others. Let me know if you are interested by commenting or emailing.

The new launch and new authors will start on Monday, August 31st.

Sooo Sorry. I will make it up to you though!


  1. So, if I'm interested how do I email you? (Although do you want them to be from your ward?)

  2. I'm interested. I'll have more time once I send 3 kids off to school. :)

  3. Hi Anna and Rebecca,

    Hooray! I am excited. I tried to email you back Anna, but I am not sure if you got it. Will you both email me at tiffanyrueckert@hotmail.com ?? We will discuss details. I have another friend interested, so we just need one more now! As of now there are four of us.

  4. Count me in. I would love to focus on the more practical aspect of what to eat and put together some recipes. Let me know. Thanks.


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