Monday, August 31, 2009

September Meeting and Blog announcement

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After our unannounced summer break we are firing it up with our September meeting. Our topic this month will be a combination of two of our missed summer topics:
Hold the Beef -- Getting the most out of your grill without using meat.

Here are some links to get you thinking about some variety on  your grill:
Vegetarian Barbeque
Bobby Flay cooks up some veg BBQ
Maureen Whitman - summer grilling
Vegetarian grilling

101 ways to use zucchini - I have zucchini coming out of my ears!  How do I use it? Think breakfast, think lunch, think dinner......think snacks...
helpful links:

Meeting will be held at my home (Tiffany R.) on Friday, September 18th at 12 noon.  This is lunch! and children are invited!  I will be demonstrating how to make grilled pizza, grilled vegetables, grilled potatoes and a few other things. 

Please bring a delicious zucchini dish and recipe to share.  RSVP by emailing me (Tiffany R)

In other news,

We have added some fabulous authors to this blog and hope that you will enjoy what we have organized.  Each author will be taking a different day and will be focusing on a different aspect of the Word of Wisdom.  During this week, each author will introduce themselves on their day and give a brief description of what to expect on their given day.

My day will be Mondays and I will be covering the meeting updates and recaps, linking articles supporting the meeting's topics and interviewing members of the church that have altered eating habits and lifestyles to more closely follow the WofW.

If you aren't aware of my story and how I began on my journey to gain a testimony of the Word of Wisdom, you can read here.

Happy and healthy eating to all of you!

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