Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Question

We don't have a permanent, regular  author for Wednesdays so I am just going to post a simple question every Wednesday regarding the WofW or about things that relate to it. 

today's question:

How do you feel about meat substitutes like TVP (textured vegetable protein), things like tofurkey and veggie dogs or veggie "chicken nuggets"?  Do you eat them?  Do you buy them? 

I will refrain from giving my answer in my post.  I will join the comment discussion though.


  1. I've only ever used tofu. I think that tofu in some dishes is great. However, if the ingredients in the other things you mention are natural and recognizeable I wouldn't mind using them. I just cook a lot with beans and veggies and haven't explored many of the other substitutes yet.

  2. hmmm....that stuff sound kind of gross to me. I think I would not buy it, just because it still looks like the not so healthy stuff. I don't want to trick my kids (or anyone else) into thinking it's something that it's not. I'd rather just teach my kids what is good to eat (not those things AREN'T good to eat, but they look just like the not so healthy versions), and not deceive them in any way.

  3. I'm not into them, but I don't begrudge them to those who are. But in my own view they are a bit processed and the further you get from real whole foods the less healthy they are.

  4. I am not into them either for a combination of both Caitlin and Sandra's reasons. Not close to the source of the food and the little bit of trickery involved in making the not healthy foods, healthy... but I am sure there has to be so many ingredients to stabilize the foods into the certain shapes and stuff right?

    I am not opposed to a black bean burger though, although I have never had one.

    I feel like we should just stick to the most natural foods possible.

    I guess where it get tricky is with kids at a BBQ or something if you are very opposed to hot dogs and your child really really wants them... do you get veggie dogs or bit the bullet and let them eat the regular old hot dog?

  5. plus, that stuff is expensive.


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