Saturday, October 9, 2010

Giveaway Winner

Number one, Tricia, you are the winner. Email me at and we'll talk winnings so I can get those sent out to you in the next week. You are getting smoked paprika and a food book from my stack.

I loved all of your excellent suggestions on last meals. In fact, I was inspired by Laura, Mishel, and Tricia's comments and had paneer (an Indian cheese) tikka masala this week. Excellent stuff. And then I made a Thai curry tonight too. However much I love all of those, they are not my choice for my last meal on earth. That would have to be pizza. Not just any pizza either. It would be my own pizza I make at home, which I make more than I make almost any other meal. Homemade dough, hand pulled to retain the air bubbles crucial for proper chew and crisp (I want them both, unless of course I am making Chicago style, which is another animal entirely). Not too thick or thin and baked as hot as I can get my own without using the clean setting, baking my perfect meal in about six minutes flat. I'll tell you more about toppings in a bit.

 And then continue the carbohydrate fest with bread pudding, my all time favorite dessert, whether traditional with raisins or currants with a touch of cinnamon or a warm chocolate bread pudding- once again the stuff I make a home that trumps any over-wrought variety I've tried elsewhere.  That is what I want to eat before I exit this life. 

Recipe coming tomorrow.

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