Thursday, October 7, 2010

Oatmeal Ideas

My latest oatmeal ideas have transformed my bowl of mush into an ethereal morning meal. Properly cooked and seasoned, whole grains are among the most efficient, economical and satisfying breakfasts options. Call me crazy, but I think it is much better than the breakfast I see most Baltimorons consuming: a doughnut, coffee and cigarette. I'm not about to join the locals anytime soon. Here are some of my favorite adornments for oatmeal (or any other breakfast grain of your choice):

  • quartered figs, honey and a little bit of ricotta cheese
  • a tablespoon of warmed or thinned lemon curd with raspberries smushed into bits
  • diced apples with a drizzle of boiled cider syrup
  • maple syrup and diced pecans
  • honey and plain yogurt
  • diced peaches, plain yogurt and a sprinkle of brown sugar
  • diced pears and honey
  • dried cherries and sunflower seed kernels
  • sauteed fruit (fried apples or pears are great)
  • diced bananas, plain yogurt and a bit of jam
  • pomegranate seeds
  • dried or fresh pineapple with coconut and almonds
  • leftover fruit sauces
  • applesauce and yogurt
  • romanoff sauce with berries
What is your favorite thing to serve on top of your breakfast grains?

AND, just one more day to enter the giveaway for my favorite spice and a book or your choosing from my shelves (I've got several options for you).  Just leave your name and what is your "last meal on earth" in a comment below to be entered.

I'll select a winner on Saturday evening. 


  1. Mishel Stonely here.
    There are too many delicious things to eat out there so choosing one is impossible. These days I am enjoying Indian fare a lot. Make mine a curry with coconut milk in the base and maybe some mango with a piece of garlic naan. If dessert is served it would have to have pumpkin in it right now. Pumpkin cheesecake maybe. Tomorrows meal would be entirely different, Italian maybe; pumpkin or butternut squash ravioli, hmm.

  2. That is a hard one. Lately I have been obsessed with Reid's zucchini and sun dried tomatoes risotto. I could eat the whole pot of it. Then I would probably eat about five desserts. Chocolate mousse, tres leches cake, vanilla ice cream, peach torte, and nutella on Michelles homemade bread. yum.

  3. My favorite thing to put on top of oatmeal is ground flax seed, mini chocolate chips, diced walnuts, and raisins (or craisins are good too.)

  4. Did you ever think of adding carmelized onions, breakfact sausage and cheese? And making a savory oatmeal? Okay it was just a wild and crazy out of the box idea I've had for years but never tried. : )


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