Thursday, April 14, 2011

Food Revolution, Season 2

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution is at it again, season two has arrived. If you missed my glowing review and the first season, be sure it check it out. I am thrilled that this is as big as it is. Tiffany and I were talking yesterday about the school cafeterias we grew up with and the more recent ones we know of: most of them have lots of room to improve. But this isn't just about school lunches, the show is about changing the way people think about food in the best way possible, as return to real food, in natural shapes and packaging: the way God made it.

If you are like me and never catch anything on tv, watch it here while you are doing something glamorous, the way I do; something like folding laundry.

And just for fun, a tidbit from Jamie Oliver on David Letterman, and a reason to make your own ice cream, or at least read the label.

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  1. I caught this on Hulu as well and I'm excited for this new season! I am also super glamorous and wait to fold the laundry until I can sit down and watch a few shows on Hulu! :)


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