Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Get Your Freekah On

Are you cool and old school? Hip to what was happening in the great world of grain thousands of years ago? If you are already a devotee of these old school grains, you may be hearalding their resurgence. Suddenly, these densely packed nuggets of nutrition are getting easier to find and cook all the time. Read more from the article today in the Washington Post.

Lately, I am loving the nutty favor of teff. And I am honestly addicted to raw millet in my favorite waffle recipe. What are your favorite ancient grains?


  1. There are a few grains in your photo that I must admit I have never heard of! I would love to learn how to use all of them! Do you just sprinkle raw millet into your waffle batter and then proceed?? Interesting stuff.

  2. I do add about 2/3 a cup to my favorite waffle recipe. They are also great in a muffin or bread- if you like cornmeal, you will like millet.


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