Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Grapefruit is for Grandmas.

My grandparents were the only people I knew growing up that had a grapefruit tree of their very own. I can remember my intrigue as my grandmother would slice the large yellow fruit, pulling apart the halves to reveal the pink, juicy middle. I remember watching how she carefully took a knife and sectioned it.  It seemed like such a fancy fruit!  So fun and high-maintenance!  And I remember how she placed them on little dishes next to our breakfast plates.  Ooooh!  They get their own plate!

And then, I remember tasting it.

And being sooo disappointed.

Could a fruit this beautiful really taste that awful?

I didn't see grapefruit around my own home unless my mom was watching her weight.  So basically, as a child I made up my mind that grapefruit was for two kinds of people --- people on a diet or grandmas.

It wasn't until I visited my in-laws for the first time about 11 years ago, that I truly gave grapefruit another chance. There it was, on it's own special dish, next to my breakfast plate in Maryland.  But this time, it was delicious.  So delicious in fact that when I got home from that visit, I went out and bought myself some grapefruit and a special grapefruit knife.  So delicious that once, when I was going on a flight and needed a snack, I grabbed a grapefruit and my fancy high maintenance fruit knife and put it in my carry-on.  And then little grapefruit loving me got my fancy high maintenance knife taken away by security. 

And now, my fridge is full of them every winter.  And guess what?  I am not a grandma.  And I am not on a diet.  I am just in love.  I wonder sometimes if I just grew into the taste or if maybe my first experiences weren't so good because the fruit itself wasn't so good?  Grapefruit it funny like that.  Well, I think most fruit is like that -- you win some, you lose some.

Facts About Grapefruit:
*Grapefruit season is January-May
*60% of the world's grapefruit is grown in the U.S.
*It is grown in four states: Florida, Texas, Arizona and California
*You can eat it sliced and sectioned, or peeled and eaten like an orange. (I have never done this though)
*When refrigerated, grapefruit can last for several weeks.

Health benefits of Grapefruit:
It is loaded with vitamin C and quinine, which have been strongly linked to both aiding in recovery from degenerative disease (cancer, arthritis, heart conditions) and also common colds, flus, fevers etc.  Apparently the bulk of the vitamin C is in the pulp, which is the case with most citrus.  So, when we have them and scoop out the insides and leave the thick skin, we are leaving behind something our body needs. 

So, my goal this week is to eat a grapefruit like an orange -- pulpy thick section skin and all.  Isn't it exciting that there is even a fruit in season in the winter??  I happen to think so.  So, get excited and grab them while you can.  Stock up on the vitamin C and fight viruses and colds before they happen.  

Your body will thank you.     

Your Grandma will thank you.  

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