Monday, March 30, 2009

Fresh, frozen, canned

Obviously fresh from the earth is best. If only we could all have an Animal, Vegetable, Miracle garden that continuously grows all the food we need for our families. For those of us who don't, what's next best?

Corn is a good example. When a recipe calls for corn, the freshest option is to cut the kernels off a cob from your garden or farmers' market. When that's not possible, should you buy corn on the cob at the grocery store, grab a can from the pantry or a bag from the freezer? Nutritionally speaking, are there some foods that are better frozen or some that are better canned? Or is fresh always better, even if it's from the grocery store?

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  1. As far as I know, canned is never better, in nutrition or taste, but you can store it for a long time and it is convenient. I heard that sometimes frozen is better than fresh nutritionally because they can let it ripen on the vine and then pick it and freeze it right away instead of picking it early and shipping it.


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